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Analyzing a SaaS Business Using Cohort Analysis


Data is everything in the world of SaaS, but how can you be sure that you’re analyzing the right data and drawing conclusions that will help you refine your offerings and grow your overall sales? With the massive amounts of data headed your way, analyzing each customer individually is not only an exercise in futility, […]

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Marketing Funnel Basics with Google Analytics


If you have an eCommerce site, you may spend a fair amount of time trying to figure out exactly how people are getting there—was it your print ad, an email blast or possibly a mention on social media? If you’re using Google Analytics on your site, you might find that it’s easier to gain clarity […]

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The 10 Most Important Social Media Metrics You Should Be Tracking


There is a great deal of debate around social media at all levels of the organization. While those who are directly involved in posting efforts can see the return with ease based on the heightened engagement levels of consumers, how can you translate “Likes” and “Shares” into cold, hard sales numbers for the C-suite? Fortunately, […]

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Key Performance Indicators in HR Analytics

The seeking, retention and engagement of human resources is one of the key functions of a company. The quality of workforce ensures growth and strength. HR managers and top management are turning to HR analytics to better understand how to use human resources to have a competitive advantage. HR analytics helps capture the most meaningful […]

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Optimizing Inventory Through Analytics

The problem of being over stocked or out-of-stock is not new in retail business. Retailers of all sizes find inventory optimization to be their most complex supply chain problem. Both being over-stocked and being out-of-stock has costs associated with it. For example, if your store is out-of-stock for a product, your customers are likely to […]

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Top 10 KPIs in Retail

Retail is one of the most competitive industries with sharp focus on increasing sales and retaining more customers. In order for a retail organization to stay on top, they need to know everything about their business. While there are hundreds of key performance indicators (KPIs) that retailers keep track of, the following KPIs stand out […]

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Using Shoppers Insights to Improve ROI

In retail, the factor that has the highest impact on business is how the changing demographics, lifestyle and consumer needs is affecting the shopping behaviour of customers. Over the past few years, the way traditional retailers engaged their customers has undergone a paradigm shift. The shoppers now are flooded with offers, they conduct online research, […]

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Customer Segmentation Using RFM Analysis

While planning for marketing spend, or formulating a new promotion, retail marketers need to be careful about how they segment and target customers. It would be a waste of marketing spend if, for example, an ad campaign is targeted to all the thousands of your customers. Such an untargeted marketing promotion is unlikely to have […]

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