Slowly Changing Dimension in Birst

In this blog post we will see, how to implement SCD (Slowly Changing Dimension) in Birst tool. Introduction: Dimension/Attribute that changes over the period of time are called Slowly changing dimension(SCD). It helps users to track historical change of an item to any given date. SCD Types: SCD is categorized into three types namely Type […]

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Birst Web Services – Getting Started

Birst Web Services allows you to extend birst functionality into your applications, or portals without going through Admin UI or command windows, following is the blog post on how to use “Birst Web Services”. How to utilize Birst Web Services? Web Services can be used for Single Sign On (SSO) purpose. Connect to the third party […]

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How to Create Custom Week Start Day in Birst


There are organizations that work on multiple countries and follow the individual country based calendars. In that case, defining the week (Start Day and End Day) is an important requirement from a reporting perspective. Example: In India, the commonly followed week definition is Monday to Sunday (Monday being the start of the week). In Middle East, […]

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Using Degenerate Dimensions in Birst

A Dimension Key is one which is present in Fact table and doesn’t have any related Attributes because all its attributes will be placed as measures. It cannot be joined to any Dimension table. Purpose: To avoid duplication and unnecessary data Performance optimization Effective and efficient way of carrying forwarding control numbers (such as invoice number, […]

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