December 12, 2012

Leading Life Insurer in India Rolls Out QlikView to Drive Enterprise-wide Business Discovery

One of the leading life insurance companies in India deployed QlikView Business Discovery platform across its business to help drive a range of enterprise-wide business efficiencies.

The insurance company wanted a flexible and efficient system to analyse the policies, premiums and track the performance and productivity of the sales team.

GainInsights designed the BI solution and deployed QlikView to provide insights into their policies, premium payments, channel sales, product distribution and agent performance.

The solution helped them improve efficiencies, reduce operating cost, and gain insights into crucial data quickly without waiting for information from multiple sources. Advanced user-level interactions were built to allow rapid data drill-down on productivity metrics. The company also reported improved profitability through dramatic data accuracy improvements. The integrated dashboard provided real-time visibility of company-wide sales performance to their senior management.