April 13, 2013

Renowned BPO Fast Tracks Operations with QlikView Business Discovery

A leading BPO, customer support, and outsourcing service provider implemented QlikView Business Discovery platform to improve operational efficiencies and enhance business performance.

With a global footprint, the BPO wanted a solution that could enable insights into the data and empower business users to improve efficiencies. The IT team and business users at the outsourcing firm worked with the BI team at GainInsights to design and develop QlikView apps across functional areas.

A financial performance review management app was developed to help them analyze financial performance of various regions. The app provided them zero-wait visibility of each region’s profitability and operating ratios, and cost/performance analysis allowing for better business planning and reaction time.

A procurement analytics app was developed to help the company analyze their spend activity. The procurement app helped them reduce costs, improve turn-around times, and overall streamlined the entire procurement process of decision-making and planning.

Given the nature of their business, the company invests heavily on recruitment and training. A sourcing and training analytics app was developed to help them track the performance of the process and achieve recruitment targets. The quick analysis of business need to recruitment and training helped in achieving a just-in-time model of recruitment.