SAP BusinessOne for Manufacturing

A Complete Solution for Manufacturing

SAP Business One solution provides advanced manufacturing functionality to help progressive manufacturing companies streamline their operations and deliver on time. This includes powerful scheduling, capacity planning, routes and operations capabilities, in addition to other inventory, manufacturing and distribution processes.

Solution Components

Production & MRP

Create and maintain multi-level bills-of-materials (BOM); Issue and release production orders manually and by backflush; Plan material requirements using the MRP wizard; Globally maintain prices for BOMs with parent and child items, and more.

Stock Movements

Record goods receipts and goods issues, and track stock transfers between warehouses; Enable consignment, drop-ship, and back-to-back orders; Use Pick & Pack Manager to fill deliveries; Perform inventory and cycle counts.

Warehouses and Inventories

Manage inventories in multiple warehouses and locations using FIFO, moving average, or standard costing; Maintain units of measure and item prices in local and foreign currency; Implement serial and batch number management; Generate comprehensive item list, transaction, and valuation reports

Business Benefits

  • Gain efficiency by automating processes and using integrated production functionality
  • Improve customer service with on-time delivery and fewer shortages and stock-outs
  • Reduce inventory costs with improved inventory control and materials planning
  • Improve business insight with powerful warehouse and inventory reporting tools

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