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Stay lean, scale at ease

Enabling serverless computing and automation to build and manage the next-generation of applications at optimum costs. Our emphasis on infrastructure scalability, flexible deployment and automated governance serves to propel all sizes of organizations to go for scale without unjustified escalations of cost and manual interventions.

Responding to real-time demands of business teams remains a challenge when it comes to optimizing infrastructure and monitoring operations. The ability to scale on-demand without diluting performance is key value differentiator for both IT and business. We improve this proposition with effective devops management, implementation of automated feedback loops and alert mechanisms based on needs.

When can organizations ‘Stay Lean, Scale at Ease’?

Here are questions that need to be addressed-
Have I optimized storage across environments?
Have I reduced migration costs and risks?
Can I seamlessly deploy advanced analytics on my data stores?
Is my Ops ecosystem always lean and ready to scale?

What we offer

Cloud Assessment and Cost Control

Devising the right cloud strategy with roadmap to mitigate risks and control costs across cloud and on-premise products in use. Our approach explores an assessment for optimal use of public, private and hybrid cloud resources, storage mechanisms, performance, concurrency and the scope for automated monitoring and governance for IT and Business teams.

Data Warehouse on Cloud

Implementing Data Warehouse on cloud environments with the ability to manage varying workloads, optimum storage and computational power as needed. Our approach enables teams to augment advanced analytics and ETL capabilities that can seamlessly integrate with the Warehouse and make consumption of insights through visualization tools easy for business users.


Enabling an effective adoption of Microservices Architecture for independent, lean teams to deliver faster with reduced development cycle times and improved aggregated deliverables. Our expertise extends to fostering CI/CD effectiveness, sustainable automation, fine-grained scalability of services support and pattern identification to ensure high redundancies.

Cloud Migration

Improving efficiency in migrating to popular cloud environments Azure, AWS and google cloud with scalable, cost-effective services to run workloads. Our approach involves holistic assessment of on-premise data center costs for maintenance and upgrades, physical and virtual server configurations and charting a cloud migration plan with focus on optimal infrastructure for your evolving needs.

Containerization, DevOps

Implementing DevOps Strategy for product teams to streamline development, IT operations, continuous development, continuous integration & benefit from DevOps Intelligence. Based on the assessment of the cloud landscape, our approach includes containerization through dockers, automated resource management & release management to facilitate end-to-end automation with scoring and monitoring of insights.

Digital Transformation on Cloud

Managing the full spectrum of digital needs from conceptualization to sustenance of cloud operations so that businesses have more time to drive innovation while consistently staying lean. Our engagement spans consulting, cloud selection and design, migration, devops process optimization and automated governance.

Our approach to enabling Outcomes

We make it possible for clients to seamlessly navigate their data maturity journey - from standardizing their BI Product, augmenting capabilities on the cloud to accelerating model outcomes for businesses across verticals, functions and technologies.

Find out how

"GainInsights has added exceptional value as a trusted partner in enabling innovation of Infor products"

- Jacob Krebs, Director, Birst Content
Driving 25% reduction in procurement costs

Implemented global purchase analytics solutions on a Cloud BI Product, connecting over 60%

Improved BI adoption with Digital Transformation

Enabled a live COO dashboard with executive KPIs to drive performance management and Self-Service.

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