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Data-driven enterprises

Driving Product-led automation to deliver 100s of analytical models that can run at scale and augment automation at various levels of an enterprise. Our focus in mature ecosystems is to enable teams be truly data-driven, to leverage AI and cognitive abilities in exploring possibilities at the speed their business demands.

Organizations with a data-centric model of growth need to run multiple high-performing analytic models profitably. In addition, automating processes in the value chain and integrating data across systems and devices with agility offers tremendous potential to focus more on strategic decisions. We take the lead in such automation with our products and solutions.

When can organizations be truly ‘Data-Driven’?

Here are questions that need to be addressed-
Have I minimized process redundancies within systems?
Are my analytic models being governed the right way?
Can I seamless access insights across devices, formats and mediums?
Has the team’s focus shifted to insight-led decisions?

What we offer

Cognitive Automation

OCR-based scanning, speech recognition, for automatic classification and creation of wide range of incoming records in enterprise systems (ERP/CRM) or automation of perceptual, judgment-based common tasks for productivity. Our approach relies on an AI-based system to recognize non-standard formats or unstructured data and validate based on rules to optimize human interventions.

Devices and Sensors

Enabling connected experiences with IoT- led tracking and augmented intelligence across enterprise touchpoints. Our approach includes optimization of smart ecosystems, productivity apps harnessing the power of AI and advanced analytics, integrations with enterprise applications and secure data storage on cloud and on-premise products.

Enterprise AI

Product-led enablement for data scientists, data engineers, business and IT teams to effectively collaborate in design, deployment, monitoring and governance of analytic models. Our proposition empowers data science Leaders to have visibility of the entire ML lifecycle and drive agility in delivering models, while ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.

Image Recognition & Analytics

Automating detections and pattern recognitions from images and live/ recorded video footages to discern behaviour or attributes on real-time basis. Our approach involves use of smart algorithms to identify objects or events with accuracy, store and analyse them for improved insights and decisions-on-the-go.

Our approach to enabling Outcomes

We make it possible for clients to seamlessly navigate their data maturity journey - from standardizing their BI Product, augmenting capabilities on the cloud to accelerating model outcomes for businesses across verticals, functions and technologies.

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