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Democratize insights

Making an insight-driven organization possible by improving data exploration, analysis and predictions. Leveraging a strong foundation of reliable data governed by business rules, we harmonize the data-to-insights journey from intuitive discovery to predictions that percolate touchpoints for last mile delivery of insights to users.

Organizations are extending analytics to all levels of decision-making to drive agility and newer possibilities with data. Opening up the right visual exploration avenues and feedback loops for users is key to maximising gains. We make this simpler by generating and proliferating insights just when and how the user needs.

What we offer

Visualization Strategy

Assessment of all aspects of reporting including KPIs needed across teams, dashboards scalability, personalization and integrations. Our approach includes creation of blueprint for automated reporting mechanisms, technology recommendations and last mile insights delivery.

Advanced Analytics

Managing data mining, statistical model building, simulations and real-time predictions for improved insight discovery across applications. Our approach covers data preparation, model design, deployment, scoring managed through indigenous products for better agility and performance.

Enterprise Smart Alerting

Bringing all key enterprise insights closer to teams using smart alert apps. Our proposition includes allowing decision-makers to create and schedule rule-based alerts specific to needs of applications, dashboards or individuals and notify them on-the-go whenever data changes in them.

Data Visualization

Implementing the right data visualization strategy to analyse data of any size, nature and providing accessible ways to see and understand trends, outliers and patterns in it. Our approach includes unifying data from siloed sources, improving data exploration and consumption experience.

Self-Service BI

Enabling power users, business analysts with self-service to enhance the visualization experience. Our offerings include frameworks that allow modification of dashboard features, creation of adhoc reports, integration of data into existing reports and creation of data models.

Conversational Analysis

Enabling collaborative, predictive insights using enterprise digital assistants. Our proposition involves allowing enterprise-wide users use Natural Language to solicit and share actionable data, real-time dashboards and predictions within their conversations.

How we enable these Outcomes?

Our approach enables businesses seamlessly navigate the Data Maturity journey - from standardizing their reporting, augmenting capabilities on the cloud to accelerating model outcomes across verticals, functions and technologies.

Find out how

"GainInsights is a key partner in our data transformation journey. Their deep expertise and innate ability to design, architect and manage large data engineering projects has helped us deliver on our BI goals"

- Director IT, Next Story Group
Improving operational efficiency with Digital KPIs integration

Unified scores of business-critical online metrics within the existing data warehouse to enable Carrefour’s

Improved BI adoption with Digital Transformation

Enabled a live COO dashboard with executive KPIs to drive Performance Management and Self-Service.

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