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Enabling product innovation with analytics


Migrated BI layer to Birst for 10 of Infor’s products (CloudSuite) and strengthened “plug-and-play” analytics capabilities for its enterprise users.

    Company Overview

    Infor is a multinational enterprise software company. It is the largest privately held technology provider in the world of business cloud software products for companies in industry-specific markets. Headquartered in New York, the company builds complete industry suites in the cloud and efficiently deploys technology to put user experience at the top. Infor used their own cloud-based applications Infor BI for providing solutions to 68,000 organizations worldwide but after acquiring Birst, they enhanced their services to provide robust solutions to their customers and planned to migrate all their cloud suite applications into Birst’s Enterprise Cloud BI platform providing consistent and seamless experience across all their cloud applications.


    Having acquired Birst, the major challenge was data migration, from existing traditional cloud-based Infor BI to a more agile system capable of providing next generation Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning reports.

    Solution overview

    Migration from cloud-based Infor BI to BIRST BI

    After the acquisition of Birst, Infor wanted to provide more enhanced solutions to their customers. Hence, Infor decided to migrate all their applications from Infor BI to Birst. Being an expert in Birst, GainInsights helped Infor in data migration into Birst’s Cloud-BI. The migration process started with the system study where existing data, technologies etc. was analysed. Then documentation of the analysis of system study was done followed by the development of business requirements of Infor.

    Build competence for analytical reports

    The existing Infor BI applications had limitation in providing only operational reports containing day-to-day organizational operations reports for the short-term period. There was a need to build analytical reports to provide insights and recommendations to their customers for future planning and decision making in expenditures, investments, etc. With the use of Birst BI, Infor will now be able to provide analytical reports to its clients and an operational report. We created dashboards for both operational and analytical reports in Birst for different products/domains of Infor such as healthcare, asset management, expense management, supply chain management, retail banking, food and beverages, fashion, manufacturing and project management.

    Value delivered

    Power in driving capability for futuristic AI and ML reports as a feature in
    Provide analytical reports for Infor so that they can provide better insights for planning and decision-making such as expenditures, investments, etc to their customers
    Faster, reliable and easily accessible reports, anywhere and at any point of time.


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"GainInsights has been a trusted and strong partner during Infor’s journey with implementing Birst within many of the Infor products. Gain’s Birst practice should be on the top list of any Birst implementation as they provide strong value and customer service."

Jacon Krebs

Director, Birst Content

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