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Customer Segmentation

Improve customer experience with
segmentation analytics

Financial services firms looking to embrace the constant change in trends and customer preferences need to replace an ‘One-Size-Fits All’ approach with personalized offerings to drive value for customers. Having the ability to segment customers based on behavioral patterns and preferences is a critical enabler to optimize customer acquisition efforts, increase customer retention, and drive loyalty in existing customers

Our Approach

We take up large volume of customer data and segregate them into segments through advanced analytics techniques and extract insights for business. Our ML algorithms and sentiment analysis enable clients to understand customer behavior, social media interactions, their feedback and opinion, and target them with personalized offerings for increased lifetime value.
Techniques used

Classification Trees

Cluster Analysis

Possible outcomes with customer
segmentation analytics

Optimized customer acquisitions

Personalization of experiences to drive better customer acquisitions and retention at optimum costs while improving customer service levels.

Growth in new segments

Detection of niche segments with high growth potential and identification of potential areas, offerings to increase cross-selling and up-selling opportunities.

Improved targeting

Prediction of changes in the targeted customer’s buying behavior to respond in time with the right offerings and promotions at granular levels.

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