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Store Segmentation

With the increase in competitive landscape and choices available for customers, it is imperative for retailers to execute hyper-local strategies to maximize impact. Retail firms need to create propositions aligned to the geographical location, customer demographics and preferences, that result in high revenue generation and customer satisfaction.

Retailers need to identify and segment low performing stores and attributes leading to the same in order to rethink their offerings, including the right products, promotion and price- to drive growth across regions

Our Approach

We segment stores based on the geographic location, store location type, size, footfalls, number of transactions, product range and services offered and analyze the progress of stores through our supervised and unsupervised advanced analytics techniques.
Techniques used

Classification & Cluster Analysis

Robust Regression Modelling & Optimization

Deep Learning and Deep Neural Networks

Possible outcomes with store segmentation analytics

Right marketing mix

Targeting the right customer segments by developing marketing mix and bespoke store strategies with the right promotional campaigns.

Resource optimization

Improving utilization of store’s resources based on demographics of the customer segment and analysis of customer engagement to offer store-level proposition.

Improved store experiences

Detection of market opportunities and trends that a store can easily adapt to cater to the rising customer expectations and drive personalized experiences.

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