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Next generation of platforms for growth

Augment growth with cutting edge products that help you drive faster and effective outcomes. Be it transforming into an analytics-ready enterprise or running data science experiments at scale or collaborating with teams using chatbots, explore smarter ways to drive business agility.

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Stretchd - Extensions for Qlik

Extend the power of Qlik with a suite of apps and extensions to boost productivity and improve product experience for users. Make the most out of Qlik’s end-to-end capabilities by exploring smarter ways to build, analyze and discover insights.

Strait - Data Science Platform

Build your next generation of models with an agile Platform that enables collaboration at scale. Bring together your team of data scientists, analysts, engineers to build, prototype, deploy and govern models that drive high business impact.

Levee - Data Lake Platform

Get a unified view of your enterprise with a data lake deployable in just 8 weeks. Manage data of every nature, size and pace from all the data sources with centralized governance and enterprise-grade security.

Crest - Video Intelligence Platform

Gain a better understanding of users and their behavioural patterns on a real-time basis from both live and recorded footages. Leverage exclusive analytics from all video sources to drive personalized customer experiences and optimize service costs.

GINIE - Enterprise Digital Assistant

Get instant, collaborative and predictive insights in your chat conversations with an AI/ML-driven virtual assistant GINIE (GainInsights Natural Language Interaction Expert) and minimize the hassle of sifting through several applications to find the insight you need.

Surge Marketing Mix Model

Optimize your marketing spend across channels on real-time basis. Understand the impact of multiple drivers on your sales and revenues and drive higher ROI at the speed your business demands.

Surge Test and Go

Maximize the impact of your new strategies and optimize risks with predictive insights. Understand the impact of a strategic decision by implementing it at smaller scale in test and control groups with deeper, projectable results.

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