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Fraud Detection Analytics

With the advent of technological advancements and financial services landscape shifting online, fraud cases like tax evasion and money laundering, black money being stashed abroad, cyber-crime, debit/credit card fraud, etc. have hampered the operational capacity and growth trajectory of financial institutions, making online Fraud a billion-dollar business which is growing every year. It is obligatory for financial firms to guarantee their customers with the highest level of security. At this juncture, financial institutions need a trusted technology adviser, who can guide them through this process of new technology adoption and digital transformation and help them tackle the risks associated with it.

Our Approach

Our solutions and techniques are tailored to help financial services firms detect and avoid the unforeseen risk like any anomalies in customer behavior or any hidden malpractice in the working processes of an institutions, and are capable to prevent it through our robust predictive and prescriptive analysis.
Techniques used

Cyber-crime Modeling

Transaction and Billing
Fraud Detection

Predictive Underwriting

Possible outcomes with fraud detection analytics

Better Customer Segmentation

In-depth understanding of various customer segments and characteristics that can differentiate between segments

Revenue Generation

Reduction in NPAs (Non-Performing Assets), resulting in more revenue generation and greater market share

Effective Campaigns

Target campaigns with optimal offers and renewal price, facilitating improved compliance levels among customers and help identify targets for personalized campaigns

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