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Analytics-Ready Data Lake

Get a unified view of your enterprise data with ‘Levee’, an agile data lake platform deployable in 8 weeks to manage data of every nature, size and pace.

Simplified Data Management

Managing vagaries of data growing across touchpoints and leveraging them for analytics in a rapid, secure manner is crucial for data-led organizations. Levee simplifies the way teams deal with data from different applications, manage transformations and data pipelines to fast-track analytics readiness.

Data Ingestion

Unification of data types -structured and unstructured at multiple frequencies.


Intuitive UI to retrieve, cleanse and explore datasets for insights.


Mechanisms for security, lineage, cataloguing and automated monitoring.

Analytics-ready data lake

The platform relies on high performance storage in clusters, processing capabilities and the right mix of tools that integrate well to augment readiness for analytics.
Single console to setup, manage
Ready-to-deploy Data Transformation, ETL and ELT
Enterprise-wide Search
De-duplication, Masters Profiling
Scalable Data Processing Engine
Data Modelling Engine
Data Catalog with Version Management

Inside Levee

Covering the entire data value chain – from ingestion to consumption.

Data Ingestion

Simplify ingestion of data with an interface without any compromises on quality and governance. Connect to disparate data sources eamlessly using pre-built connectors and process them as streams, batches or interactive patterns.

Automated Data Preparation

Leverage an intuitive interface to visually transform wrangle data. Choose from hundreds of pre-built common wrangling operations to expedite preparation with no dependencies on outdated ETL tools.

Scalable Compute

Churn models faster without the hassles of tedious configurations. Enable scalability of compute needs on-demand and the flexibility to plug-in and out components, connectors and ML engines you need.

Data Storage

Benefit from high performance data storage within the platform as aster data schema is stored in a tructured format, facilitating quick retrieval of data.

Data Discovery

Explore an enterprise-wide search that relies on an integrated metadata repository/ a comprehensive data catalog and identify associations of interest. Benefit from visual process lineage and profiling of statistics with access control, policies and semantic consistency.

Supported Platforms

Agility across the board

An analytics-ready data lake saves tremendous time for businesses, enabling them focus on what matters – leveraging insights for decisions. Data Engineers, Data Scientists, IT and Business Executives can access a single view of truth without delays, run optimized models, discover new insights and drive better experiences for customers.

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