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Improved BI adoption with Digital Transformation


Enabled a live COO dashboard with executive KPIs to drive Performance Management and Self-Service analytics for end users.

    Existing state of the organization

    Sitel is a leader in Customer Experience Management with presence in 150 locations worldwide. The company relied on multiple systems including 3rd party apps to manage their operations data. The nature of data and its siloed existence across regions made it difficult for management to access global KPls.


    Data was emanating in both structured and unstructured formats from multiple sources
    The frequency and complexity of this data across locations made it tedious to corroborate and manage within the existing data warehouse

    There was a need for better data management, storage and accessibility to leverage analytics across business lines. A blueprint to operationalize key KPls for senior executives was envisaged as part of Sitel’s digital transformation strategy. Execution held key to their success.

    Solution overview

    Gainlnsights played a key consultative role from inception through the realization of dashboards. Data from all their systems was transformed using Talend, and moved to a highly secure data lake managed in Hadoop, from where custom reporting needs of Sitel’s business lines were addressed.

    Data was further transformed for a wide range of on-demand reports, analytics, optimization engines and operations scorecard.
    The new system enabled a live enterprise COO dashboard with a host of KPls for executives, business heads to track operations and performance management.
    The initiative also paved way for self-service analytics and a single window access to dashboards for people, finance, effectiveness and coaching.

    Sources: SAP, GDW, IVR, Kronos, Telephony
    Visualization: QlikSense

    Value delivered

    Significant increase in adoption of analytics across business lines.


  • Business Process Outsourcing

  • Visualization

  • SAP, GDW, IVR, Kronos, Telephony Visualization: QlikSense

"I want to thank the GainInsights team for their outstanding contribution in building out our enterprise digital solution involving the data lake and usage of tools like Talend for data integration and Qlik Sense as our BI solution. Our eventual solution built using some of their recommendations as well the support from the leadership team has helped us build something that is unique to our industry and will help us in improving our operational performance as well as deliver significant value to our clients."

Subhendu Mondal,

Senior Vice President & Global Head

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