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Unleashing hospitality insights with a unified data platform


Implemented a centralized data warehouse to streamline revenue, booking information from systems spread across 30 regions, each having their own design and complexities.

    Company Overview

    Next Story Group is an integrated hospitality management, asset management, and development company. Headquartered in Singapore, it is a leading provider of hotels and urban spaces across the Asia-Pacific region. The group currently owns, manages and franchises 37 properties.


    The company had distributed its data across different data management systems. As a result, the company had to approach multiple parties for a single piece of information causing a delay in generating performance reports of properties.
    Since the company has distributed its data, it was operating without a data warehouse. Hence, maintaining historical information on guests, their preferences and performance of hotels was becoming a major challenge. The large volume of data made it difficult to segregate customers in accordance with their preferences. Thus, reports generated with the available data contained inaccurate information. Despite having invested in a Qlik platform the decision makers were not able to view accurate information to base their decisions.
    Incomplete information, lack of standard formats, transcription errors or a combination of any of these factors led to duplication of records. Duplication of records occurs when a single entity in the real world has two or more representations in a database. Consequently, similar offers and promotions were being sent out to the same person more than once due to the presence of such records. Identification of an individual customer posed as a key issue because of the presence of such duplicate and empty records.

    Solution Overview

    GainInsights tailor-made a solution that could not only unify data from various sources but also enhance its presentation. A Centralized Customer Database (CCDB) was created to streamline the flow of information. Talend was implemented to consolidate data from 13 different sources to create a single data warehouse capable of carrying out seamless data integration.
    GI proposed the transition from QlikView to QlikSense to enhance visualization of data with new and improved dashboards capable of reporting on booking rate, availability of rooms, preferred hotel location, etc. The transition marked an important step in their journey of unearthing the potential of data for insights.
    Precise information about the group of hotels, their performance, revenue, room types, occupancy rates, RevPAR(average revenue per room), etc. was made available on the dashboards, empowering managers to make decisions with greater ease and a better understanding of properties.
    As part of an effective Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategy, Customer 360 was built providing a holistic and interactive view of customers. Customer 360 view equipped the management to quickly access relevant information pertaining to the customer’s history such as customer details, bookings, cancellations, lead time, length of stay, etc.

    Value delivered

    Simplifying NSG’s data model to make it linear for improved scalability and performance.
    Facilitating decision makers to customize existing KPIs and create new performance indicators to measure operational efficiency.
    Centralized data management ensured data consistency in all reports and dashboards.
    Customer 360 View allowed customer’s data to be viewed from a myriad of perspectives and empowered marketing teams to chart out engaging and effective promotions.


  • Hospitality

  • Data analysis, Data modeling, Data processing

  • Talend, Jenkins, Oracle, MSQL, AWS-RDS, Postgre

"Our team, consisting of Raju, Vishnu, Karthik, Gautam, Naveen, Smithendu and Madhumitha (apologies if I have missed any one here) is a fabulous one. They deserve all the credit and recognition that comes their way, for not just the projects milestones achieved for NSG, but also for the way they have gone about doing their work. Ably led by Vishnu, Raju and Karthik, whenever we have asked them for any new thing and or some change/update, the first words I usually hear are “ Yes GT…”. I think this is their secret sauce which is the can-do attitude, which according to me is priceless.”

Anilkumar GT

Director of IT, NextStoryGroup

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