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Leading Managed Accounts Platform Provider Uses QlikView to Power Reporting

By admin, May 5, 2013

One of the world’s leading Managed Accounts Platform (MAP) providers chose QlikView Business Discovery platform to power its reporting engine. The company built its platform with an investor-centric business model that allows institutional investors and allocators to set up managed account platforms to their own specification and design. The company effectively separates asset management from infrastructure services making its solution highly customisable and cost effective.

The company’s platform has three key components, namely, production, analytics, and reporting. The final component, custom reporting, is powered by QlikView. The clients are given access to customized reports through a dedicated online portal.

To build the reporting component, there were many challenges. The company wanted to provide its customers a platform that’s easy-to-use, has high impact and was able to present complex visualizations. The concept was to have a central access point for investors to get a 360 degree view of their investments. The reporting engine should have the ability to handle millions of records and perform complex calculations.

GainInsights worked with their operations and risk team to deploy QlikView as an enterprise platform to allow customers to view and analyze portfolio, track fund and security performance, analyse risk across over 20+ metrics, manage exposure across sectors, regions, and asset classes, and perform sensitivity and compliance analysis.

The customized reporting built using QlikView was hugely accepted by their customers and propelled the company into the top 3 position in the managed accounts space. It enabled them to quickly acquire new customer and migrate them to the new platform. Overall, it increased customer satisfaction on performance, usability and response times.

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